Alex runs and, both of which are dedicated to helping Small Businesses. He has been a speaker, facilitator,  and trainer both in person and online and has worked with thousands of marketers to advance their skill sets. As a trained facilitator, he understands what it takes to teach sophisticated marketing strategies in an ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Alex still trains and also actively develops entire websites and email marketing campaigns for his clients.

Alex grew up in Colorado, spent a year in Southern California, and now calls Seattle home. Look for him presenting on a variety of topics in the Greater Seattle area.


Growing up Alex was surrounded by Small Business. In fact, he draws on his entrepreneurial spirit from a family of Small Business owners. On his entrepreneurial path, there were many adventures and many projects he contributed with.

While studying Marketing in college, Alex started to build his craft for digital marketing and launched his first website at the age of 21 which caught the eye of someone at Constant Contact who recommended he pursue a career with this quickly growing company. By the end of 2010, he started at Constant Contact and spent more than five years with them as a product trainer, training over 6,000 customers in three different countries. Aside from product training he also spent that time speaking to large audiences about digital marketing and email marketing.

The time he has spent with Small Business owners on all levels has helped him guide other small business owners and marketers toward achieving their own digital marketing goals. Through continued education and training, Alex believes every marketer can take things into their hands.

As the son of a Small Business owner, he understands the value of time to a Small Business owner and knows how to cut the noise and complexity of marketing and position himself as a resource to a growing Small Business. He doesn’t offer hypotheticals or a dozen different ways to perform one task, instead, he offers training on what works the best in the easiest and most cost effective way for those who want to get things done. And for those that don’t have the time to handle it themselves, Alex manages the marketing needs of those businesses.

“Feel free to browse my resources, attend a workshop, connect on Social Media, or schedule a consultation with me today! Never Stop Learning.”

-Alex Michael Holden


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From Lynn Ruby, a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert, and Small Business owner in Arizona:

“Alex is an absolutely stellar guy both personally and professionally. He helped me understand what it means to be a good trainer, was patient in answering sometimes the same question more than once and always responded in an extremely timely fashion. I’ve seen him work one on one with people, and in front of large groups and he is skilled at explaining and demonstrating technical concepts in ways that everyone can understand and apply.

He understands the nuances and keys to success in both the entrepreneurial world and the corporate world, and when working on behalf of both entities at the same time, how to balance the two so that both experience wins. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone seeking his unique skill set.”

Lynn Ruby
CEO and Founder
Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert
Ruby Marketing Systems,


From Matt Montoya, a Constant Contact Product trainer in the Southeast:

“I was lucky enough to work with Alex for almost five years at Constant Contact. We were both charged with teaching small businesses and non-profits how to best use Constant Contact, how to improve email and social media marketing results and engagement marketing tactics and best practices. Later we were asked to bridge our skills into helping our internal and external partners how to utilize the product better.

While we all had a baseline skillset to do our jobs, Alex stood out as our go-to guy with the latest in email marketing and technology. Alex was always quick to find new data, new techniques or alert the team to outdated models and best practices. Alex was also key in finding new ways to look at the Constant Contact tools and approach functionality in a new and novel way. His ideas were always novel, refreshing and often a 180 degree way to look at and solve a problem.

I’d highly recommend using Alex for any marketing and digital services you need. His skills, experience, and intellect will add real results to any company smart enough to use his services.”

Matthew Montoya
Regional Product Trainer, Southeast
Constant Contact

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