If you’ve ever used one of the “big box store” hosting platforms you know that it is not for a beginner user. Sure they offer assistance, but why can’t they make it easy, to begin with? And I’m not a beginner user, so I can’t imagine how some people feel trying to figure them out. In the past, I’ve used GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, WP Engine, Network Solutions, Cloud Access to name a few as some of the places to host my client’s and my own websites and I made it work, grudgingly. But then one day I discovered FlyWheel from all these positive reviews out there so I decided to check them out.

FlyWheel Agency PartnerRight off the bat, I knew this platform was everything I needed. For starters, they migrated my entire website from my old host to their hosting, completely free of charge, and quickly too. That right there sold me, but then it got better. They offer easy and FREE SSL certificates, which by the way enabling an SSL certificate on your website can actually help boost your organic rankings. They offer nightly backups automatically. They have an easy way to hide the website until it’s ready to go live. But one of my favorite features is Development Mode, which disables caching and allows me to see changes instantly while developing, a huge plus when checking changes on mobile.

FlyWheel is full of features and is constantly surprising me with new changes they roll out, in fact, I liked them so much I decided to partner with them and recommend them to all my clients. So if you haven’t already go take a look at what FlyWheel has to offer and see how they compare with your current host.

What has been your experience with your WordPress host?


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