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Never Stop Learning

I grew up in a small business household so from day one I was watching the roller coaster of emotions with running a small business but I was intrigued. I got the entrepreneurship bug early and from then on I was consumed in seeing what I could build, and in 2016 the stars aligned and I started my first company.

Now I run Bluehour an expanding Digital Marketing business with an emphasis on B2B growth. My team and I actively manage 80+ clients across the US with their websites and Digital Marketing needs.

We specialize in the following:
→ WordPress website development, website optimizations, speed optimizations, mobile support
→ Lead generation, lead nurturing, funnel mapping, drip campaigns
→ Search engine optimization, content development, local and national campaigns
→ UI/UX optimizations, data tracking, A/B testing

Our clients have included Zumiez, Holmberg Mechanical, KPS Global, Rellevate, Silbar Security, KevaWorks, and many more. Beyond running a digital agency I also contract train on digital marketing topics to companies around the country as well as deliver my own training online.

Before starting my own company I spent 5+ years in the corporate world as a road warrior training marketing topics to various business owners and marketers across the US, Canada, and the UK and ended up training over 7k businesses in that span.


Digital Marketing Agency

Bluehour is a full-service website design and development agency.

We specialize in websites that drive traffic, grow your email list, and increase sales and exposure.

Stacked with our maintenance plans, ongoing SEO campaigns, and expert marketers on hand we keep your website humming in optimum shape.

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